125 london wall

On the 27th Sept 2013 around 2pm,  KPT received an emergency call from our client, urgently requesting to have 18 tonnes of marble collected from the Docks in Felixstowe and delivered directly to site that night at 125 London Wall.

Our sales team proceeded to speak with local haulage companies in the area in an attempt to find someone who could work within those parameters. By 3pm we had located such a company in Bury St Edmunds. By 4pm they had arrived at Felixstowe docks, and for the next one and a half hours were busy being loaded with the goods.

During this time, we received another phone call urgently requesting for a counterbalance forklift to be delivered to the same site to unload the incoming lorry and it's contents. We proceeded to arrange with a supplier for a 2 tonne counterbalance forklift to be readied for collection by 4.30pm that evening by our London haulier.  By 5.30pm the forklift was making it's journey to site.

At this time we received a phone call from our haulier, informing us that the marble was en route to 125 London wall and would be there by approximately 7:30pm. We then informed the client of the good news.

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